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The Sea has always been an inspiration to Jeulia, from Mermaid Jewelry to Marine Collection. Perfect for those who love sea life jewelry.
This collection is a gift from the sea, celebrating the finest and the most incredible species in detailed representations of dolphins, whales, tortoise, starfish, seahorse and more.
The intrepid explorers of the oceans continue to discover new species in the murky depths. The ocean is filled with beautiful surprises and over a million plants and animals.
However, there is a balance in the ocean that is threatened by pollution, seaside development, climate change, and commercial fishing. We are passionately aware of these issues and donate $2.00 per unit sale of each product in the Mermaid Collection and Marine Collection to Oceanic Preservation Society(OPS), which is committed to sustainability and the preservation of our oceans and the planet. We will do everything we can to support reputable organizations to make a difference, and we're just getting started. Find out more about our giving back plan here.