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Bridal Sets
A wedding set or bridal set, a traditional 3 piece ring, consists of an engagement ring, a wedding band for her, and a wedding band for him. Although either piece would look appropriate as a separate ring, it could be more dazzling if worn together. The three rings are usually sold together as Wedding Sets for a lower price.
As time goes on, Bridal Sets derive a variety of new designs, such as 2 pc sets, Interchangeable Rings, and Enhancer Rings. They are only tailor-made for the bride, including a wedding band and an engagement ring. Whether 3 pc wedding sets or others, they have the uniform characteristic: make your engagement and wedding tied to a common theme.
Jeulia Bridal Sets highlight overlapping designs and one piece serves to enhance the other. We insist that details prevail over everything. And there is a romantic love theme behind every bridal set. Which one is similar to yours?